A sky full of satellites

From 1957 to today, there have been 6,500 successful launches of objects into space, which have allowed a dense constellation of satellites to orbit: as […]

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The new boundaries of European economic sovereignty
The new boundaries of European economic sovereignty

In Europe, it is no longer feasible to separately address economic and geopolitical risks. We are confronted by ruthless dictators who manipulate energy resources as tools for political and military coercion; formidable powers like China, which fortify their influence in the Union’s new member states through strategic investments and trade relations; and long-standing allies like the United States, which have demonstrated their intent to prioritize their own geopolitical agendas, even at odds with European interests. How can we make Europe less susceptible to external manipulation, pressures, and shocks, while simultaneously mitigating the impact on the Union’s already tepid economic growth?



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